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Mimbalot Falls

November 18, 2008



Mimbalot Falls: Buru-un, Iligan City, Philippines

Cool place, huh? I just thought this place is worth sharing to everyone.

It has been a long time since I last visited this place. I remember going here with friends almost every week. We don’t have to go swimming but we do have to eat. 🙂 We bring cooked food or freshly picked fruits from someone’s backyard 🙂 (Yes, we ask permission first).

It is one of our hang-outs. It is a nice place to talk since it is pretty much secluded. We can talk and laugh to our heart’s content. I miss that. But as much as I miss the place, it’s the company I miss the most. But that’s another post to talk about.

Mimbalot Falls is just a walking distance from where we used to live and there is no entrance fee which makes it very accessible. Anyone is very much welcome to visit.

Since I mentioned that it is secluded, you have to walk the path going to the falls. But private vehicles can go through it if you’re not into walking.

If you are new to the place it is probably easier if you hire a driver. But since you’re in the “adventure” mood, do how locals do it. Ride jeepneys and walk. I doubt you’d get lost. If you’re in doubt you can always ask people around as long as you know the name of the place you’re going.

If this is your first time, your starting point will probably be Iligan City (the main city). This is where bus terminals are located. Outside the terminal taxis will be waiting. You just inform the driver where you’re going and they’ll take you there.

Pros and Cons: What’s good about taxis is that it can take you right to the falls. There’s no need for walking. Well, except when it’s time to go home since taxis don’t wait for you. I also doubt you’d want it to wait because you’d want to explore and enjoy while in the place. The downside is you pay more for the fee.

Jeepneys are more affordable. Jeepneys follow a certain route so you can’t expect to be taken right to the falls. If you’re riding a Buru-un line, your end stop is their terminal. That is Buru-un Central School. If you’re riding a Linamon line, you have to inform the driver to stop at the school.

Once outside the school you will notice a path that goes further. If in doubt, just ask someone and they will point you to the path to follow. There are no intersections so no worries in getting lost. But you do have to walk for a little while. Better have your water and camera ready to enjoy it.


At the end of the road is the falls itself just waiting to be discovered. I guarantee you, the aches you felt will be worth it.


What to expect:


The falls is a wonder. It has a main area where majority of the water flows. As it comes down it splits into two. The right side of the falls forms a “mini” falls. Compared to the left side, this one is smaller and it is not too rocky. Big rock formation surround the “mini” falls making it more private and conducive for swimming.

Like what my friends and I did, you can bring foods with you. You have to if you plan to stay long. There are no nearby stores. Your stomach might end up grumbling. 🙂 You need not worry on where to place them. On the bottom part of the falls (shallow part) are tables constructed. This is a new one. They didn’t have these before. These tables and benches are in the waters so while eating, your feet will feel water running through.

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  1. November 20, 2008 2:34 am

    Absolutely stunning!

  2. March 15, 2010 11:30 pm

    Mimbalut is another unique waterfalls. Parallel lines of water cascade down a 90-foot slope, which can be an arresting sight if one is standing close to it. This falls looks best at morning, when the sun’s rays make the scenery captivating.

    These three falls can be visited in a day. A few more days are needed to see the others, which is a good enough reason to return to Iligan.


    1. Philippine Airlines ( and Cebu Pacific ( have daily flights to Cagayan de Oro. Visit their websites for their list of flight schedules.

    2. Take a taxi to Cagayan de Oro’s bus terminal. Once there, hop in a Rural Transit bus that goes to Iligan. The journey is about one and a half hours long.

    3. Upon reaching Iligan, go to Monterey/Masonic Temple where there are taxis and jeeps that travel to Barangay Buru-un. It’s less than 10 kilometers away from the city proper.

    4. In case you’ll take a jeep, it’s advisable to go to the talipapa (stalls selling fishes) where there are habal-habal (motorcycles used as public transport) in line. Hire one to take you to the three waterfalls.

  3. March 15, 2010 11:31 pm

    i have a term paper about the top ten tourist spot in Ilgan City, and i dont have exact information about the ff: Hindang fall and caves,mimbalot falls,Iligan city hall, and Macapagal ancestral house..Can you give me some information on this because i need it in my thesis..thank you very much…


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