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The Doctor Fish Is In!

December 1, 2008

foot spa1We went to Manila Ocean Park this year and one of the features they have there is the foot spa. I think it’s on their second or third floor where they have two pools. The water’s not that deep though. It is just enough to hold a school of fish and submerge your feet.

At first, I was quite hesitant to try it. It was interesting how it would feel like but I wasn’t that thrilled. You have to pay extra to try the foot spa and stay for twenty minutes. It would be a shame to not stay for the whole duration.

But what the heck. It is my first time in Ocean Park and I think it is the very first time to have an oceanarium here in the Philippines so why not.

The very first time I placed my feet on that water was excruciating. I didn’t mean it to be painful. I’m very ticklish and when those fish sense you coming in they just gather around.

The first 30 seconds was very uncomfortable. But you get used to it, I guess. I realized that it is very important to just rest your feet in the floor. That way the fish don’t have access to your soles. And the soles are probably one of the most sensitive part when it comes to tickling.

So what exactly is a doctor fish?

Well, they are referred to as “doctors” because they are somehow used to treat some skin conditions. But since Ocean Park wasn’t a clinic or treatment center, the fish there are just for relaxing. They are there to tickle you and eat the dead skin cells away. 🙂

foot spa 2

Another alias for them is nibble fish. It figures. They like to nibble on your feet or leg for that matter.

As time goes I found myself enjoying. Although I can’t say it’s the same feeling for my sister. She’s just too squeamish. But all in all we enjoyed our tour.

We visited the Park in the evening around 8:00. There’s an advantage to it, actually. There is less people. No lines to wait or crowd to bump into. You can take all the pictures you want without being hasty about it. You can take time strolling and taking in all the beauty it offers.

The construction of the park wasn’t complete when we were there but it’s already operational. There’s enough to see. But I am still looking forward to going back when it’s finished.

Thank you Nici


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