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February 1, 2009

feedjit21 The Discovery:

While browsing/surfing, I stumbled upon several sites that display visitors and where they are from. Curiosity got me, thus leading me to

January 30, 2009 – The day I discovered Feedjit. I’m sure it has been around for quite a while.

I enjoy blogging in WordPress. I like the format of the dashboard and the services offered (e.g. statistics, referrers, and blog hits among others). But when I saw those tiny flags that represent where a particular visitor came from, I was intrigued.

Although you enjoy those stats and hits you see, weren’t you ever curious as to which part of the country…world your blog has been to?

I’m still relatively new to this “blogging” thing. I don’t post as often. I even only blog to my content 🙂 – letting all the thoughts flow and hopefully imparted something along the way.

Still, when I saw those stats and number of hits grew, it makes me wonder who or at least where do these people came from. (I do appreciate the “referrers” and “links” that WordPress inform me… us as to how our blog was discovered)

It’s a shame I didn’t know of Feedjit when I started blogging. It would have been interesting to know where those previous visits came from 🙂 just for fun.

One thing’s for sure though. Most of them probably are from my country since referrers and searches seem to direct them to my posts: “The Doctor Fish Is In!” (a foot spa feature in Manila Ocean Park) and “Mimbalot Falls” (one of the waterfalls located near where I used to live).

How to Join:

Just click on their site:

You can customize the look of your widget to match or compliment the look of your site/blog and then just copy and paste the code provided.

Good News? NO SIGN-UP and it’s FREE!

Reminder: doesn’t support “Javascript Widget” so we just have to settle for the “Image Widget”. Unless, if your blog is on then Javascript it is.

The good thing about the “Javascript Widget” is that it also displays the referrer or what site the visitor clicked to get to your blog. We have that on our dashboard but we have no way of displaying them. But that’s ok, at least there’s still an alternative for a blogger like me 🙂

(Image from this post was taken via PrintScreen from Such logo is the property of said site.)

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  1. February 12, 2009 11:43 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and you made the deadline for entry. I will be drawing at 9:00 AM Mountain Standard time, so we’re almost there. I’ve thought about getting the feedjit, but haven’t decided yet.

    • February 12, 2009 10:56 pm

      Thanks for informing me Mrs Claus 🙂 That’s very sweet of you.

      Well, if ever you decide to use Feedjit and want to see where your readers are from, there’s a link you can just click. Better use the Java script. It’s applicable for you.

  2. latay permalink
    June 15, 2009 7:39 am

    how did you get the widjit in? I am trying to get feedjit on my wordpress site and I have no idea what to do and I love feedjit so much

    • June 15, 2009 9:18 pm

      @ latay: Here are the steps:

      1. Click the feedjit link I provided on the post. The one with “”. You will then be redirected to the Feedjit website. They have a selection of blog hosts.
      2. Choose the one for Here you will be given the ability to customize your Feedjit.
      3. Copy the code provided (usually seen at the topmost) when you’re satisfied with the look.
      4. Sign in you blog.
      5. Click the “Widgets” under “Appearance” in the “Menu (left portion).
      6. Drag the “Text Widget” to the right side to make it active.
      6. Paste the code you just copied
      7. Save.

      Hope that helps

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