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What Do I Write?

Just about everything as long as I thought about it, I write it.
This weblog is a compilation of random thoughts and experiences.


Sharing of Thoughts

I believe that a simple comment is one good way of sharing and learning. So if you think like you feel or been through the same situation/experience I’ve been through then feel free posting. Although, contrasting ideas is also a good thing. We should all be open-minded. Just don’t be rude please. I believe that there are ways to get your message across without being rude. 🙂

Copying Text & Images

It is always nice to ask or at least link back in situations where you might want to copy and make use of the text and/or images you see in this blog whether for online or offline purposes 🙂 Thanks!

(Sources are always stated if and when images are not mine and are only borrowed. )

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